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Access your bank accounts, monitor your cash flow in real-time, and forecast finances with ease. Spend less time on admin and more time focused on what matters – your business.

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Easily connect your bank accounts. Here’s how.

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  • One portal for all your finances.
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Cash Flow Management

Get real-time insights into your cash flow

Airbank analyses your income and expenses using cutting-edge tech to categorize your bank transactions, forecast future cashflows, and generate actionable insights.

  • ✓ Gain ultimate visibility into transactions
  • ✓ Create cash flow forecasts
  • ✓ Keep control over your business spend and finances

Gamechanger - no more guessing on our runway and burn.

Magdalena Bauer, Chief of Staff
Bill Payments Coming soon

Pay your bills from any bank account

Simplify your payments with our secure bill payment solution. Scan a barcode or upload an invoice to pay one or multiple recipients. Keep track of all your payables with smart reminders and a contact book.

  • ✓ Complete approval flows
  • ✓ Scheduled and bulk payments
  • ✓ All counterparties in one place

The power of a great finance team without the extra staff.

Johannes Schmidt, CFO

Bank-level security

Airbank adheres to the highest security and compliance standards to ensure that all your business payments and data are secure. Airbank's servers are hosted in the European Union.

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    Bank-level security on data and payments

    Airbank connects to your bank accounts through modern Open Banking APIs, regulated by PSD2 in Europe. Every connection and payment request requires your explicit, SCA-secured authorization, processed by your bank. This means that, without access to your bank’s authorization method (e.g. password to e-banking portal, phone number), it is impossible to make requests on your behalf through Airbank. Needless to say, you may revoke Airbank’s access to your data at any time.

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    Cutting-edge tech and custom permissions

    Access to Airbank is secured through 2-factor authentication and a roles-based permission system. Set custom roles to team members and define limits on data visualization and payment requests on individual bank account. Privacy is taken as serious as security, ensuring that your financial data is never shared with 3rd parties. Airbank’s engineering team works exclusively with modern tools and partners that are capable of maintaining the same high standards for privacy and security.

Leading companies use Airbank

No. 1 cash management solution for SMBs

Airbank saved me when I needed a quick view of our cash

Airbank has saved me multiple times when I just needed a quick view of our cash trends. I simply used my phone to login. It was that easy.

Dennis Bauer

, Co-founder

Startup, 11-20 employees

Saves time and energy on reporting to investors and banks

With Airbank save time and energy with our investor reporting. The 3 things I love about Airbank are its easy setup, great service, and total visibility.

Julius F.


Mid-sized company, 21-100 employees

The platform is intuitive and helps me stay organized

Before Airbank, we forcasted with Excel. That wasn’t great for the accuracy of our financial reporting. With Airbank, I manage my finances easily in one place. It's intuitive and keeps me organized.

Maximilian P.

, Head of Finance

FMCG firm, 11-20 employees

Onboarding is easy and seamless

The onboarding process is easy and seamless (makes switching painless), customer service is excellent and the bank sync is great. The new planning features are really useful.

Bianca Schöneburg

, Owner

Consulting agency, 1-10 employees

Customer service takes things a step further to exceed

Airbank's customer service is all about valuing my time, a pleasant attitude, and useful resources. They take things a step further to exceed, rather than just meet expectations.

Luka Maji

, Business owner

Design studio, 1-10 employees

Airbank automates analysis and forecasting

Compared to any other solution, Airbank has the best automated analysis and forecasting tools. It takes data from our accounts automatically without extra inputs. The more we can automate, the better!

Konstantin S.

, Head of Treasury

Logistics, 101-200 employees

Unlock the benefits of Airbank

Gain greater visibility

Take the guesswork out of your finances and get powerful insights into your income and expenses.

Save time

Replace manual speadsheets and sync your forecasts with bank transactions.

Save money

Eliminate mundane tasks and cut overhead costs.

Reduce time to close

Accelerate bank reconciliation and close your books 7x faster.

Get started today.
No credit card required

Airbank is the best solution for your finance team. Experience it for free.

  • ✓ All your bank accounts in one place
  • ✓ Real-time cash flow insights
  • ✓ Payment operations
  • ✓ Automated reconciliation

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